.for the people who dont know me:

im VERY VERY VERY quiet:) im all smile's:)
.for the people who knows me, well, i should say they wished i was quiet:)

im often judge by first impressions:)
but i cant blame them :)

im actually like an onion. you have to peel me layer by layer, but not if you use a knife:)

i've fallen inlove a million times, so yea, i can actually say i'm halfway to finding the right man for me:)

haha! oh yea. and im a tumblr.lover!!:) <3



you can actually pinpoint the moment when he realizes he’s made a huge mistake

lmao yes sis

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Excuses are for the weak (x)


Excuses are for the weak (x)


Ghost Car Appears Out of Nowhere 

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